Finally not studying!!


SO I survived my busy busy week! I got to enjoy lots of yummy food this week too! I’m in love with fall, it’s my favorite season! I love the changing leaves, the crisp air, bonfires,  Thanksgiving,  abundant produce, and my favorite of all PUMPKINS and APPLES! My new obsession is pumpkin butter! Lately when I’ve been planning a meal or snack I think hmm.. what can I put pumpkin butter on?! My favorites so far: its AMAZING on waffles, on toast, added to vanilla greek yogurt it tastes like  pumpkin pie! I have a recipe for pumpkin sauce that I need to try soon. Pumpkin has endless possibilities, its tastes great, its creamy, it adds moisture all without added fat! My awful exam this week included Vitamin A metabolism and boy is pumpkin loaded with vitamin A! Lots of antioxidant properties and it helps you vision! (I’ll restrain the rest of the nutrition nerd in me)

Apples, now they are great too! They are a great grab a go snack, great in cider (hot or cold), cobblers, crisps, applesauce. Endless possibilities! There is nothing like warm homemade applesauce to remind me of fall at home. Its a comfort food and it brings back great memories! I think my favorite snack right now is a sliced apple with peanut butter mixed with raisins! SO GOOD! Also, apples and caramel sauce  with a glass of milk is my new favorite dessert!

I’m thinking about making some turkey chili this weekend!  It will be my first attempt at chili, so I’m pretty pumped!Its the perfect football weekend meal! GO PSU!!! Also a coffeecake may be in the near future considering I’ve never made on of those before either!

Have a great weekend!!! 🙂

Hello world!

Hello Everyone! I have a rough week at school, so I won’t be starting anything fun and exciting until next week! I plan to add a few recipes, photos, etc. I really want this to be a place for sharing new recipes, the love of cooking,  the love of a healthy lifestyle, and doing what makes you feel good! Many of my recipes are generated on the spot. When I’m making dinner or any meal for the that matter, I love to go through the pantry and just add things. Eventually you know what tastes good. I have several recipes like this, so some of the measurements are estimates, but it should all be to YOUR taste so feel free to add more or less of something I have in order for it to appeal to you! I’m always experimenting, so I hope to have a new recipe every few days!

Running is another passion of mine, so I’m sure you will hear all about my running/exercise routine in the days to come. Its what keeps me going all day. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t exercise! I always take at least one day off a week to let my body rest, sometimes two. It is necessary to relax and let your body recoup!

God is my rock and my everything, so you can be sure to hear a bit about what he is doing in my life, books I’m reading, bible studies, etc. I am so undeserving and yet he gave everything for me! He has helped me through so much in my life and continues to stand by each and everyday! His grace and love are awe inspiring! I am involved in campus ministry as well as heavily involved with a local church. I love my community and my brother and sisters in Christ!