Brown Bagging it

I by far think it is the best thing to take your lunch to work, school, wherever your day leads you. It is often healthier and definitely helpful when you are on a budget! I know people always think PB&J is the only portable food, but given the right equipment and preparation just about any food can be portable. I pack my lunch and a few snacks just about everyday…. I start classes early and generally don’t rest much until dinner time, so in order to keep myself properly fueled and not just reaching for anything I must bring something satisfying along. This was a lunch/snacks I packed last week.

Banana, salad w/ lots of veggies& avocado, hummus, almonds, and some other sort of fruit. (this day it was grapes but often it is an apple or orange.

I’ll generally snack on a granola bar either mid morning or mid afternoon, these ones are my all time favorite!

then about an or two hour later have the salad and banana. Then later the almonds and fruit are a snack. I basically snack on things throughout the day. But it is soooo easy to pack your lunch everyday as long as you plan ahead…

This is how I manage to pack everyday and eat healthy on a busy schedule:

1) Prepare on the weekends

I come home from the grocery store and chop all my veggies and fruits for the week, so I can just throw a handful in my salad or in a baggie to snack on. Then you can also just throw some PB or hummus into small container to take for dipping.Β  Also some weekends I will make a big pot of soup or a few extra pancakes or chicken breast in order to have as quick portable meals during the week. It even helps out at dinner time too, because you can just throw the veggies in a pan to stir fry or heat up some soup for a quick dinner. I think preparation is number 1!

Chop all your veggies for the week, so you can grab and GO!

2) Make the best of leftovers

Often I will try to incorporate leftovers from the meal the night before into my lunch. If we have a yummy grain concoction I’ll sometimes throw it in a salad or into some pureed soup such as tomato or butternut squash, canned soup is just fine for these days but homemade is great too!

If I have veggies left over from the night before I will try to incorporate them into some sort of wrap or sandwich, and again you can always throw them in soup… I’m a sucker for soup, especially with this cold weather! Leftover chicken or preferred meat or meat alternative is good for this too, same deal throw it in a salad, wrap, or some soup.

Cous Cous on top of some butternut squash soup

3) Convenience is a must sometimes!

I always keep some campbell’s healthy request soup bowls on hand, I generally stick the vegetable ones so I know I’m getting my veggies at lunch and will typically have some fruit and cheese or some nuts on the side. Its a filling, fast, and healthy lunch!


4) Plan Plan Plan

Make sure before you got to bed at night, if you don’t have the time in the morning that you have gotten everything together so you can grab it all and head on your merry way! It will take a few days to figure out how much you need to take depending on your day and how hungry you get…. Also plan to grab some whole fruits to round out your meals. As long as you plan ahead and prepare things you are excited about eating it is all super do-able!

5) Don’t forget a water bottle and snacks!

Staying hydrated is key to healthy and feeling satisfied! Who cares if your running to the bathroom on the hour, it is worth it and your body will thank you! I ALWAYS have water with me and if I don’t boy can I feel it!

Snacking is also key to not overeating later, so make sure you always have a little something around. I get hungry OFTEN so I always pack one extra thing, to make sure I’m prepared when hunger strikes. Snack for me are generally almonds, trail mix, whole fruits, granola bars, veggies and hummus, or crackers and peanut butter.


I hope these tips were super helpful and that you all are having a SPLENDID week!

What is your favorite grab and go lunch?

I loooove soup this time of year, so I’ve been eating ALOT of it for lunch. I also enjoy salads with hummus as well!

What is your favorite thing to snack on?

Butter Toffee almonds and fruit!!!

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I am a twenty something girl who has a passion for cooking and helping others eat well. Fruits and veggies are awesome, but we all need a cookie or two to keep us grounded! I love to workout, I'm just a girl and a new wife who loves living a healthy lifestyle and sharing it with others!

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