Fruity Turkey Tacos

This is gonna be a quick one, but I just had to share this dinner with you!!! This weekend is the last weekend of school, and I happen to have two finals on Monday so I am studying away. Obviously I need some brain food and to finish up some things I have around here before I head out of town. Hence the fruity turkey tacos!

I had some pineapple salsa in the back of the fridge from something I had made a few weeks ago, so I decided it was time to use it. I also had some ground turkey I had bought, but didn’t want to make burgers since we just had some awesome buffalo burgers. Then there was the birth of the fruity turkey tacos…. it’s fun to say πŸ™‚

I started cooking the ground turkey and when it was almost done, added some black beans, pineapple salsa, and some canned pineapple chunks for added fruitiness!

Once all mixed together I plated them, with whole wheat tortillas, added a bit more salsa to the top, and some cheese and called it dinner. Delicious!

Quick, nutritious, and easy!!!

Fruity Turkey Tacos

1 lb. Ground Turkey

1/2 can of black beans

3 TB pineapple salsa

a few canned pineapple chunks

Favorite whole wheat tortilla

Favorite taco toppings


I also have a few salads and eats to share from the week! It has been a fruityΒ  kind of week. We had the warmest weather we have had in awhile and I was REALLY craving the fruits and veggies!

Salad with salmon, mushrooms, strawberries, feta, and sliced almonds with balsamic

Breakfast: Pinapple, strawberries, cottage cheese, and chia seeds

Salad, with random veggies (pepper, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes) with some leftover pasta salad and mozz. cheese

Time to hit the books!

What do you crave when the weather is warm?

Lots of fruits and veggies! And ice cream! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Fruity Turkey Tacos

  1. tacos is one of my favorite type of mexican food. i never thought of adding pineapples but since i like pineapples in pizzas, i am sure i would like them in my tacos too. thanks for sharing this tasty recipe πŸ˜€

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