Brain Fuel and Annoucement!

Well I am officially done my worst semester of college! It feels good! To be honest half way through the semester I really wasn’t sure how I was ever going to make it, but god really pulled me through at the end and everything has come together quite nicely! Here is a look at my eats yesterday that powered me through my two finals.

This is the face I make when I get excited.... I'm excited I'm done with school for awhile πŸ™‚

I love finals week because I have more time, and by more time I mean I don’t have to be at class bright and early, so I can enjoy my mornings and work out a whole lot more! I started my day with a quick 3 miler and 30 minutes of weights. Then refueled with this beauty

Cottage cheese, pineapple, and mandrin oranges

And of course you can’t forget the coffee!!!

I did some studying and organizing around the apartment and before I knew it was time for lunch before I planned to meet a friend to study.

Being as I have limited food stuffs at the moment and am trying to finish off everything in my apartment before I head out for the summer, the eats have been interesting though I have to say it has forced me to eat some pretty different and some pretty tasty things! Love the challenge!

I made a salad with 1/2 an apple, sliced almonds, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar. It was super tasty!

I had the other half of apple on the side with some peanut butter!

Then it was off to studying and exam taking for the remainder of the day. I had two exams back to back from 4:30-8 so planning meals and snacks was tricky , but I managed. I grabbed an un-pictured caramel machiatto from starbucks before my first exam and then had a snack in between exams.

Banana and granola bar, obviously chocolate was involved!

The exams were ok, but more importantly I had completed the hardest semester ever! I was thrilled!!!! But lets be honest I was pretty excited for dinner too! Especially since it was AMAZING!!!!

Two slices of toasted Italian bread, with 2 poached eggs, guacamole, and cherry tomatoes! Seriously try it, now!

I finished the day off with some of these, but was so tired that I forgot to photograph it.

So now what?!? I have completed the semester, surely I have summer plans. This is where the whole announcement comes in! I am going to study the Mediterranean diet in Italy for 7 weeks!!!!!!

You better believe I am excited! I am going to miss my friends and family, and its gonna be hard to be away from the boy but now is my time to do it! To do something crazy fun that I will always remember and experience the world a little bit! I will continue to blog while I am over there and be sure to fill you all in on my daily adventures and the things I will be learning in my classes (they are mostly food related, ie. lots of good Italian eats and wine)!

But first stop before I head out, my twin brother is graduating!!!!! I am so very proud of him! Double majors with honors in 4 years, he clearly got the brains in the family! I won’t lie I’m a little jealous, but I will be done in one more semester as well! πŸ™‚

I am super excited to celebrate with the family in DC for the remainder of the week!

What are you looking forward to this summer?

Graduations, going to Italy, moving, and planting a vegetable garden with theΒ  boy!


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