Typical Day in Rome

There really is no such thing as a ‘typical’ day in Roma. The program I am a part of is rather accelerated and disorganized, meaning we are doing different things going on every day.   If you know me at all, I was very apprehensive about coming on this trip because of the disorganization. You see, I’m a planner. Like a hardcore planner.

But I’ve realized by being in Italy I have relaxed much more. I take things as they come, and have been trying to work around my classes, other peoples schedules, and assignments. It has been a very valuable lesson I have learned since I’ve been here. With all that being said, I’m not going to lie, sometimes I miss my routine. So I do what I can to establish somewhat of a routine.

I start my mornings here on a run

Tiber river

I head back here to eat some breakfast:

Breakfast usually looks like this

Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, fresh apricots

Or this:

Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, amazing peach jam!

Then it is off to the shower and the markets!!!!


Side note: We have been going to the same vendor since we got here, he is a sweet old man that doesn’t speak any english but is very patient with us and tries to teach us Italian 🙂

Then it is typically time to head in the direction of class:

Where my classroom is

Class lasts about 2 1/2 hours….. it’s brutal. But then we all head out for some pizza for a late lunch and walk around the city until it is time to come home, because we are pooped! Rome is an exhausting city!

Some days we get to go on walking architecture lectures, which is fun! Sometimes we just walk around and look at ruins, or piazzas:

Inside Trajans Markets (The first shopping center)

Beautiful churches

Fallen columns

Piazza Navona

And  other days, like yesterday we get to see the Jewish Ghetto and sample some delicious treats 🙂

Jewish Ghetto

We sampled something from one of the best bakeries!

Honey Almond biscuit

Espresso to go with 🙂

This was literally the strongest coffee I have ever had! I’ve never had espresso like this before!

The evenings generally consist of coming back to the apartment and cooking a meal, because well I love to cook, Italians eat too late for this lady, and the produce is so darn delicious! Here are several concoctions I have made since I’ve been here!

Roasted green beans and bell pepper with fettucine and mozzarella

Salad, all from the market!

Tortellinin with roasted eggplant (new favorite), tomato, and roasted broccoli

Toasted bread with tomato, mozz, balsamic, and a salad

Dessert: Nutella and fresh strawberries on a warm roll 🙂

Tarfuti (truffle) --> I didn't make this but it was a delicious afternoon snack 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I really miss Peanut butter, OIAJ, grilled chicken, turkey burgers, and mexican food but I have thoroughly enjoyed the meals I have been making. Also, I am just about half way through the program (wow time flies!) and can be eating those things all I want when I get home, so why not eat all the fresh pasta, bread,  pizza, gelato, and fresh produce I can while I’m here!

We will be traveling north and south of Italy in another week or so, and I will be able to experience the different cuisines of Italy, I cannot wait! I also cannot wait to share the experiences with you!

I also cannot wait for these guys to arrive this weekend 🙂

The parents

I’ve been missing a bit of home ever since I got here, and cannot wait to explore Rome with my parents! I also get to show them what I’ve been up to, and eat some delicious food (my mom always finds the best restaurants)!

Sorry for the scatter brained post, but I had lots of pictures to show you all, and well this whole trip is a bit…. scatter brained altogether!

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

My parents coming…. and the beloved peanut butter they are bringing me!!!

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