Rome: Round 2

WOW! It was a crazy, crazy weekend and I feel like I could write about 10 different posts to include every little bit! I may spare you a few, but there will be several posts this week from this weekend and week happenings. Basically, the rest of my time in Italy (4 weeks) is going to be absolutely nuts and jam packed! I am totally pumped!

This weekend was spent seeing all of the city’s sights for a second time, but this time I was in the company of my parents, who arrived early Saturday morning for a visit!!! We walked around for a little while and then it was absolutely time for lunch, before we had a walking tour of Rome!

Parents at lunch

Me at lunch

This restaurant was absolutely amazing, by far the best food I have had in Rome thus far! First of all, it had a beautiful view and the food was adorable and out of this world delicious! Good thing we are coming back for dinner on Friday!

Villa Borghese (big park in northern Rome)

Lunch was beautiful!

My mom had Aparagus Flan with qual eggs

I had minestrone soup, which was sooo fresh and delicious!

And ofcourse a few of these adorable and delicious rolls!

My dad had an eggplant and tomato dish that I forgot to photograph across the table, but was delish as well! We finished the meal off with a dessert that was a cake soaked in rum, with strawberries and cream. I dug in way to fast, so it went unpictured. Then they put down a plate of mini dessert bites!

I devoured this little guy!

Next came time for a few pictures on the roof top and then we were off on the walking tour!

Next stop, trevi fountain and the spanish steps

Trevi fountain

I got really thirsty on the way!

Last stop of the evening was dinner, which was wonderful as well!!!

Octopus salad with tomato and potato

Sea bass with thin sliced potatoes (they were almost like homemade chips) and tomatoes!

Dessert as usual, which was amazing!

We shared Napoleon

and mixed berries!

I had a wonderful day with my parents, but by the end of dinner it was 11:30 and they were ready for some sleep after their long trip and day! So I headed on home, but not before I got my care package from them!!!!

TLC Kashi Granola bars

A HUGE bag of reeses to share with my roommates!

And finally…… as much as I love Italian espresso and cappucino, I’ve been craving a whole cup of coffee, so my dad brought me some Starbucks VIA!!!

It was an awesome day together! I also loved the care packaged, there was supposed to be PB but they left it in the pantry, which I am pretty bummed about. However, their company is far better than any nut butter! Stay tuned for what we did on Sunday! More sightseeing, and so much fun!!!

What did you do this weekend?


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