Rome: Round 2, Part 2

Well, Saturday was obviously a jam packed day! Really the whole weekend was, but soooo much fun!

So where I left off…..  come Sunday morning we were all exhausted. I woke up and headed out for a 5 miler with some girls I run with at the apartment. It has been so nice to have a running buddy in my new city, if I had to tackle it alone I would be a bit overwhelmed! I headed back and spent the morning relaxing, cleaning, and enjoying some time before I had to head to the Colosseum to meet my parents.

I started the day with some Starbucks coffee!!!!

Starbucks VIA courtesy of my dad!

Alongside a bowl of plain greek yogurt with fresh apricots and a spoon of fig jam!

Great combination!

We toured the Colosseum, The Forum, and The Palentine…..lots of walking in to the hot sun, but beautiful pictures!

I had to stay hydrated!

Me and the parents at the Colosseum!

Me and my dad

The Palentine

The cat sanctuary

After walking around so much, we were beyond starving…. needless to say lunch went unpictured because I dove right in. It was one of those need. food. now. moments! Following lunch we wandered around to where I usually hang out… I showed them my classroom, we got some coffee and gelato, and hung out in the piazza!

Hanging out by the fountain

Coffee time!

Needless to say, after walking around for 6 hours straight, we were exhausted which meant time to head back to the hotel and relax before dinner.

Dinner ended up being in my neck of the woods Sunday night, at a place call San Michelle. The resturant was packed with Italians, that was a good sign 🙂

That rule of thumb proved to be correct, because this place was great and the atmosphere even better! It is located in a garden/greenhouse which was super cool!

This wine was pretty tasty!

Unfortunately, the lighting was terrible for taking photos of my food so here is the run down. I had a stuffed zucchini flower, it was stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, and anchovies. Then for dinner I had eggplant in tomato sauce with parmesan cheese and mozzerella (it was layered kind of like an eggplant lasagna) with a salad on the side. Lots of delicious wine. For dessert my parents and I split Tiramisu and strawberries. I’ve never been a huge fan of Tiramisu, but I’ve come to realize I like the REAL stuff just not some of the crappy stuff they label as Tiramisu at home.

So that was my hectic and beautiful weekend with my parents! And I get to do it all again next weekend! They are off traveling Italy this week and returning to Rome for another weekend of fun! I am very excited! My time here on my own and with friends has been lovely, but no matter how old you get it is nice to see mom and dad, especially when you are away from home for most of the year! We had our disagreements while I was growing up but, as I’ve grown older I’ve learned to appreciate my parents and our time together. To appreciate them for all the wonderful things they taught me growing up, and  for always being by my side, supporting my 100%, to cherish our relationship as parent-daughter, as well as the ability to just hang out together. My mom has taught me amazing things in the kitchen and has exposed me to many of fine dining and eating experiences, she has cultured me as well as raised me into the strong woman that I am. My father has always been there to also expose us to different experiences through travel and sports. I know this sounds so cheesy but I really could not have asked for better parents. Love you mom and dad!

What do you appreciate your parents for?


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