Another weekend in Rome

Parents and I at the Vatican


My parents returned to Rome this weekend after traveling all around Italy this week! It was so nice to have them back! This weekend wasn’t as jam packed as last (you can read part 1 & part 2). However, there were some awesome awesome meals and quality time with the parents!!


We started out Friday at the famous market in Campo de Fiori






dried tomatoes


Then headed to the Jewish Ghetto for some coffee and lunch


Caprese salad


Rice balls... these were delicious!


Best place for coffee, in my opinion


I enjoyed a cafe machiato'


The rest of the day allowed for some walking around and seeing a few sights, before I had to call it quits and head to a get together with my class. The early evening consisted of some wine and chocolate tasting as well as discussion on our next class that starts this week. We will be traveling to Pompei, Paestum, Florence, Modena, and a few other small towns in the next week trying and talking about the various cuisines of Italy. Needless to say I am pumped! It is going to be a wonderful week!


After the get together, I headed over to my parents hotel to meet them for a late dinner. We were dining well tonight at a restaurant called Mirabelle. It is a rooftop restaurant at a hotel with outstanding food and wine! A dinner I had been looking forward to all week long!


Th view


The company


Dinner started with delicious small bites


Bite size pizzas and quiches


And great bread!


I started with the Lobster panzanella salad and some champange 🙂


Duck breast with orange and apple sauce, great change from typical Italian fare


Best Dessert I've ever eaten! Crispy pastry with cream and fresh berries!


Lots of good wine as well 🙂


The next day I headed out for a quick 3 miler in a park and ended at my parents hotel for some breakfast and to get ready for the day. We were headed to the Vatican for a guided tour 🙂

Beautiful pool I wanted to jump in after my run


St. Peters


Inside St. Peters

We ended the day and their trip with a wonderful dinner and some after dinner drinks!


Absolutely amazing restuarant go here if you come to Rome!


The famous Harry's Bar for some after dinner drinks!


It was wonderful to spend time with my parents in Rome, and I was sad to see them go. However this week of travel will be absolutely amazing! The once we get back we are only here for 1 1/2 more weeks. The time here has certainly been quick! I will be sure to update as much as possible this week on our travels and eats, but I am not sure how much internet access I will have.


Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!


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