Fall is Here!

Hello all!

I am so happy that fall has finally arrived! This week has seriously been the ideal fall in the northeast I have been waiting for! I am so sorry I have been completely MIA for the last month! It has been a busy one with school and wedding planning! 2 more months until Graduation! Wow it can’t come soon enough!

This weekend Andrew and I are taking engagement photos, which I am so very excited for! And of course enjoying the beautiful outdoors, perhaps some hiking will be involved 🙂

Sorry this is super short, but I wanted to say Happy Friday and leave you with a few quick photos of things I’ve been loving lately!

Pancakes with apples, cinnamon, and copious amounts of nut butter!

Raspberries in my yogurt bowls!

My new bowl that I scored for 1.39!

Eating roasted veggie salads with hummus!

Going to fairs and festivals!

Making and eating delicious apple cake! (recipe soon!)

And my favorite thing to do lately is planning to spend the rest of my life with this guy 🙂

I have also been highly addicted to Pinterest!  Email me if you want to follow me! fitnessnfoodie [at] gmail [dot] com