Long awaited GRADUATION!

Wow, so I fully expected to have a post up about my Graduation about 1 1/2 weeks ago but with the Holidays, time FLEW! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I know I sure did! It was filled with lots of laughter and adventures with family and future family! Such a blessing!

Christmas tree!

I’m going to refrain from doing a full recap of the Christmas and New Years  celebrations, because I really didn’t take that many pictures this year. I guess I was too busy soaking in all the family time and learning what some new traditions and holiday occasions I will be attending once the boy and I are married next year. We spent lots of time with both our families. Above is a look at My family’s beautiful Christmas tree! It was also a Christmas filled with many blessings and gifts from those I love! Lots of new things for the boy and I to use in our house (when we find one) and to enjoy together! As well as a new camera, light box, and some new dishes for my blogging needs 😉

Along with the excitement of planning a wedding and celebrating with family, I also celebrated another wonderful milestone in my life! I graduated from College! It was a truly blessed day, all of that hard work, late nights, and tears finally delivered me my college degree! There were certainly days I thought it would never end, and I would never have my degree! I ended up graduating with a degree in Nutritional Sciences AND a minor in Psychology!

Parents and Fiance

I couldn’t be happier, it feels so freeing to not have to go back to school and work my butt off on homework, studying for exams, etc! It also feels weird because this is really the first time I will not have school to worry about in my life! The day was filled with a ceremony, lots of laughter, and a delicious dinner!

Some Champagne and raspberry!

Delicious salmon!

So what is next you ask!? Well, a little bit of everything! I plan to pick up blogging and cooking A LOT more, it is something that has fallen under the radar since things have been busy, but I love doing it and I plan on posting more often and more recipes! No homework= more time to cook! I will also be working two part-time jobs, both nutrition related and volunteering, relaxing, and wedding planning. A mish mash of things like this is perfect for me right now in this transitioning period of life, once we are married I will settle in to something more permanent.

So look forward to more posts! The blog world and cooking/photography has been missed in my life 🙂


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