Flying By

Wow this week just flew by! It’s FRIDAY already! Wahooo!

I didn’t have internet for a few days this week, so I got stuck in “old fashioned mode”, even after we got our internet connection back. I’ve spent a lot of the week reading two books which I have been working through for a while now. I’ve also been getting my 8 hours… funny how the lack of Pinterest and blog reading = quality rest!

I’m currently working through The Bailey Flannigan series by Karen Kingsbury. Some people I know think her books are cheesy and predictable but I enjoy them. You don’t have to think a lot while you read them and they are nice love story-like books without making you blush while you read them. I’m also making my way through The New Rules of Lifting For Women by Lou Schuler.

Due to my recent work schedule I have a lot more time to focus on lifting and I miss being as strong as I used to be. My workouts have mainly consisted of cardio for the last 8 years of my life with spouts of weight training here and there.  But I really want to commit to a plan, because I have so little experience I am really liking how they break down everything in the book and show you how to do things. I’m excited to get started in the gym!

Asiacs Gel Cumulus-13

Speaking of the gym I got some new running shoes this past weekend! I’m loving the black and white, for some reason they make me feel totally BA which is key for a good work out 🙂

It’s been awfully chills this week, so I’ve stuck to the treadmill, and I’ve also been doing some ab workouts with this lady…

Jackie Warner

I have  fallen in love with a new cereal… something that was clearly made just for me! Kashi GoLean Crisp! Cinnamon Crumble! I love all of Kashi’s cereals and loved the toasted berry crisp they came out with last summer, but nothing compares to my love for cinnamon! I was actually at the store picking up something else when an empty shelf with one lone box of this stuff caught my eye 🙂 It. Is. Incredible.

Tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch or cinnamon topping on a warm apple crisp, but sooo much better for you!

I had it for breakfast yesterday, and I’m not going to lie it was like dessert for breakfast… incredible! I could eat this alll the time!

Plain Chobani

Pumpkin Butter

1/2 Apple

Kashi GoLean Cinnamon Crisp!


New Chobani Flavors

I also got my hands on these this week as well. I LOVED the Apple Cinnamon one, because you just can’t go wrong with that combination. However, I found the Passion Fruit one to be incredibly sweet…. too sweet for my taste buds is almost unheard of!

That’s all for now…. We have a snow storm headed our way after the few inches we had last night and several smaller storms this week. Anyone want some snow?

I’m sensing some baking for my snowed in Saturday 😉

Whats your favorite at home work out?


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