3 years

Three years ago today I said yes to dating this boy, the man that in just 4 1/2 months I will be saying “I Do” to.


It has been an incredible 3 years of fun and laughter and sharing our lives together!

It all started one evening at a campus ministry group on the campus of our college. We both had never seen each other there before and we started talking…… we both attended a lot of the same ministries and groups on campus and were able to get to know one another through those times as well as through times of serving others in the community and at the various parties and gatherings our groups on campus would have. Though when we met it was just 2 weeks before Christmas break.. and even though our friendship was so new we stayed in touch throughout the break and once we came back from break we started hanging out even more. We went on little dates to the free movies in the student union, play pool, and would watch The Office every week together.

Apparently everyone else saw it, but me. Don’t get me wrong I was interested in him but I wasn’t sure were this friendship was going so when he finally asked me out I didn’t know how to respond…. of course/obviously I said yes. We were at a church game night and we were getting ready to leave when he pulled me close and asked if I would like to be “ya know more than friends”. I giggled, turned red, and said yes.

Since that awkward time. We have had some incredible adventures together and have seen each other through the stressful times (both in our senior years, when we were in over our head with classes) and the best of times. I’ll let some of the pictures do the talking πŸ™‚


Our very first picture together about a month after we started dating


Our first "formal" occasion


Beach trip


Football games


Vacation to the Outer Banks (where we will Honeymoon)


Pumpkin Carving


Engagement celebration!


And we are SUPER goofy sometimes

That's my love!



I so very excited for our wedding on June 15 and to spend the rest of our lives together ❀


I love you Andrew πŸ™‚

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