An Unlikely Skin Care Post

Hello Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I’m taking a full rest day and spending the day in the kitchen preparing some recipes for the week AND going to a concert tonight that should rock my socks off!

Now, this post here is not a typical post from me but I just couldn’t help but share this awesome advice. You see, I’m not really one that people consult for beauty advice, skin, hair ,make-up, etc. I’ve always just kind of done my own thing and stuck to it for years. However, that has all changed as of lately. The wedding and wedding planning has made me much more of a girly girl. Like I went on a nail polish buying binge, I fell in love with jewelry and sparkely things (the boy loves this (JK)), and just overall became more invested in taking care of myself. Which could also totally explain my love for Pinterest. I haven’t changed all of this in a I have to conform to society and be the most perfect looking person, bride, woman, ever kind of way, but rather in a I want to look and feel healthy with the skin and body that God gave me and take care of what I do have kind of way. I also want to look my personal best and put my foot forward in the world as a real woman.

Essie Nail Polish is the best!


I think the fact that I don’t have the stress and busyness of school anymore I have really been taking the extra time to really take care of myself and my skin. To really figure out the woman I want to be and how I want to approach things like skin care, make up, style, etc. Not that it even takes that much time, I just kind of had my routine and stuck to it for years because it worked. Although I’m discovering now it really didn’t work all that well, I still had acne like a 13 year old from time to time and my skin was rough and dry always. While I still break out occasionally, it has severely reduced and my skin feels so much more unclogged and fresh. Who knew just using an acne cleanser at night didn’t remove all your make up and grime from the day!?

Clarisonic Mia


What have I been doing differently?!

Well for one, I started using a Clarisonic Mia. That alone made my skin feel wonderful and so so fresh and clean! I’ve really never been one to buy into these sorts of gadgets, but my mom bought one and she loved it and then bought me one thinking it would be great to use to get smooth and fresh for the wedding.  She was right, it works wonders, funny how Mothers really do know best most of the time 😉

But that’s not all, that is only a part of what I have been doing. I’ve developed my own little skincare routine which seems to work perfectly for my skin that is still prone to breakouts, sometimes oily, sometimes extremely dry, sensitive, and just overall a bit unruly. Here is what it looks like:

Remove Make-up

I never used to think about doing this, I figured my cleanser got it all… boy was I wrong.

These are the best


These moist towelettes work amazingly! They smell great, and they leave your skin super smooth and soft AND they are really gentle on sensitive skin!

Prevent Breakouts

I’ve been using this line for awhile, I really only use the scrub and the toner and they work awesome and don’t dry out your skin like a lot of acne cleansers and scrubs do! I only use this at night, but when my acne was at it’s worst (stress related my senior year) I used this morning and night.



I’ve been a huge fan of Neutrogena products for a long time and that doesn’t change with their moisturizer. The combination moisturizer works wonders for me! I use this morning and night, especially in the winter when my skin is SUPER dry!


Other Products

I also use a eye cream at night, which is a new addition to my skin care routine. You can never start too early 😉  I haven’t experimented too much with different eye creams, but I have found this one to significantly reduce dark circles and redness under my eyes.


Morning Routine

I know a lot of people don’t use cleansers twice a day, but I usually work out in the morning and I need to wash all that sweat off somehow. I’ve recently started using Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, it smells AMAZING! I received it as part of a kit with my Clarisonic, but I couldn’t be happier with it!


I also use Neutrogena moisturizer in the morning as well before I apply my make up. Which trust me, you don’t want me giving you make up advice, because I’m still figuring it out, (even though I’ve been wearing it since I was 13) and I have NO idea what I’m doing.

So there you have it friends! I know some of these products are rather pricey, but they last FOREVER I couldn’t tell you when I bought these products because it has been ages!

What is your favorite skin care product?


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