Lost Camera and Note-worthy eats!

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting too regularly I’ve been swamped with school work and unfortunately it looks that way until spring break! Don’t worry I’m not abandoning you, I will try to post as regularly as I can! Another added stress of school is I totally thought I lost my camera this week, it was NO where to be found! FORTUNATELY Andrew found my camera in the couch cushions at his house! It must have slipped down in after I uploaded some pics last weekend. That being said I had some awesome eats, but couldn’t photograph them for you 😦 BUT I’ve decided to share them with you anyway along with some awesome eats I’ve had since I found my camera!

First, note-worthy eats:

Baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, salt, pepper, and baked beans on top! I know…. sounds TOTALLY weird, but trust me on this one! It was almost like dessert! I had some broccoli with feta cheese on the side to balance out the sweet and salty. And just think you are totally getting your fiber for the day! Hands down favorite and easiest meal of the week!

Buffalo burgers with swiss and mushrooms… I love buffalo meat! I wish it was easier to find and cheaper, but it is a price I will pay! Andrew treated this time 🙂 These were delicious AND I got to cook them on my new George Foreman grill!

Homemade Chili with avocado! Every couple of weeks I make a pot of chili it is such an easy and healthy thing to have on hand when you are busy! I’ve been craving avocado and finally caved and bought one. It was delicious on this chili and I have to say this is the best pot I’ve made 🙂 I had some toast with some avocado too…. I sure got my healthy fats this day!

Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with plain greek yogurt/pumpkin spread! This was breakfast this morning it was delicious!!!!!! I toasted some Cinnamon raisin bread <— find me a good loaf of this stuff and I’ll love you  forever, nothing better in my world than AWESOME handcrafted bread! The Ezekiel stuff is good to have one hand…. so anyway I mixed about 1 TB plain greek yogurt with 1 tsp pumpkin butter and made a little spread, it was great! I also had 1/2 a grapefruit.

Mustard Chicken melt This was lunch today! I scored some awesome fresh baked french bread at Wegmans yesterday, fresh as in it was still warm when I put it in my cart fresh! So I decided to make a little open faced chicken melt with it. I heated up some TJ precooked chicken strips, put some mustard on the bread, layed the chicken on top, and melted a piece of swiss cheese over it. It hit the spot wonderfully!

Moral Issues:

So maybe this is just me being crazy, which is highly likely but basically I today at lunch I was munching on some veggies and roasted red pepper hummus. When I pulled a red bell pepper strip out of my baggie to dip in the hummus, I felt it was is a little morbid….. like hey raw bell pepper I’m going to dip you in your cousin…. roasted red pepper hummus. Regardless I did it and it was tasty, but it just seems wrong. Anyone else have these weird thoughts? OK… you can declare me nuts.

Veggies so bright and beautiful!

Roasted Red pepper hummus

Welp… I hope you all have a wonderful sunday! I’m hitting the books, and will hopefully be back with a post very soon! 

Enjoy the Super Bowl! Do you have any plans?

I’m pretty much just hanging out doing work, and will probably have it on in the background… I like football but I don’t necessarily have a team I avidly follow. Tonight I will be rooting for the Steelers since I’ve grown up in PA and all….