Food is an art and I have the finest materials

Tortellini with roasted eggplant and broccoli

I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten tomatoes for dinner every single night since I got to Italy. They are seriously amazing here. And I am definitely getting my 5 a day, I cannot stop eating fruits and veggies! They are delicious here and the market is great! I also finally found some greek yogurt, so I can have my usual breakfast and get some protein in me! Today we went on a field trip to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)

My day started pretty early and with a delicious bowl of strawberries, greek yogurt, and a banana.

Next we all headed out to the FAO headquarters which was just a few blocks from the apartment. It is a really cool organization that is part of the UN and we primarily were there for the nutrition aspect of it which is trying to wipe out world hunger and poverty. We sat through various presentations on food quality control and sustainable agriculture before it was time to break for coffee! I had my first Italian cappuccino!

Roof top cappuccino

Then it was back to some more presentations on world hunger and nutrition. Which were very interesting but my belly was starting to grumble signaling it was time for lunch. We headed up to the rooftop cafeteria and I finally got some meat on this trip! I haven’t had any meat since I’ve been in Italy and my body has been craving it so bad, but I haven’t had much opportunity to buy it. Plus the produce and bread and cheese is delicious, so I decided that when the opportunity arose to I would get meat, but not go out of my way to get it while I’m here.  Anyway…… I had chicken with veggies and an apple for lunch then headed out to the rooftop terrace! You can see all of Rome, it is a great view!!

And it was back to more presentations…… This time it was about a campaign called 1 billion hungry. Check it out here. It has barely reached the States but they are trying to make it world wide. It sounds like a great thing to get involved with!

Now that I have talked about world hunger, it is time to show you some of the fabulous eats I have had in the last few days, I am certainly not going hungry. Sorry guys, bad transition, but it is what was on my mind.

I have really enjoyed cooking here, yes I wish I had some of my appliances from home and some flour and sugar and other ‘necessary ingredients’ to bake with. But the whole food culture is great here! The whole attitude of food is to sit down and enjoy it with friends or family, not to rush through lunch because you only have a few minutes.  People really value the quality of their food and the quality time with those they share their meals with. It is a strange society how it is very slow paced, but at the same time it has already taught me a lot. It is ok not to plan things, it is ok to go with the flow, a lesson I really needed to learn! I’ve even gotten used to eating late dinners, thats coming from a girl who is usually starving everyday at 5! So here is a peak into my dinners, and a few new things I have found!

Salads at nearly every meal! Roasted eggplant is my new fav!

Bread toasted with olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar

topped with the best tomatoes ever!

I'm in love with flavored balsamic, this one is fig!

I'm also obsessed with this peach jam!

Also, go buy yourself a jar of nutella and dip oranges in it. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

That is all I have for today!

What is your latest weird food craving?

Nutella and oranges




This is my first post from Roma! It has been a crazy past few days flying here, finding our way around, starting classes, etc. I am taking three classes while I am here in Italy. My classes are  class Architecture of Rome, International Nutrition, and a Mediterranean diet class.  There are 17 of us in the nutrition program. This city is crazy confusing, as are all cities to me, but this one seems particularly confusing. It will take some time to get used to. I am truly a country girl at heart and this trip has solidified that. Which is great, because we will be traveling to the countryside as well and  Italy’s countryside is gorgeous!

I haven’t found Rome to be very runner friendly either, there are always people out, the walks are crowded, and the drivers are nuts so you have to be very careful. With that being said I am walking so very much here and going up a lot of stairs so I am for sure getting my exercise in!

This is the courtyard of our apartment

And the view from out apartment

The view from our classroom is The Panteon, how cool is that?!

The first day or so we were here I was pretty dehydrated and starving, because I was totally out of my routine and I didn’t know where anything was. I had to buy water wherever I was and I am just not used to buying bottled water or my meals. We found the grocery store the second day we were here and stocked up on some cereal, yogurt, and fruit. But even better, we found the neighborhood market (there are many more in the city) on wednesday. Best. Produce. Ever. They barely spoke english at the market, but they were such sweet people. An old man cut up a blood orange from his stand for us to try. It was delicious. I only bought tomatoes this time (SOOO red), since I had gotten some produce at the grocery when I went, I was desperate!

Market in Trastevere

Delicious fruit!

Veggies! I've got to get some artichokes!

The first night we were there we got some pizza, because we were exhausted and that is about the only think you can get on the go.

Kind of bummed... it wasn't any different than American Pizza, but still good!

The second night we had gone to the grocery, so I made something quick because I was still pretty jet lagged and STARVING!

Broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and Totellini with basil and balsamic dressing

But last night I truly got the hang of things and made a DELICIOUS dinner with the fresh tomatoes and mozzarella I got at the market! This dinner made me so happy and finally satisfied!

1 whole grain hard roll split in two and toasted: topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil/oregano with a salad on the side!

For our architecture class we go on site visits, yesterday we went to the Colosseum which was absolutely amazing! To stand there and think about everything that happened there was crazy awesome!!!

Today we headed over to Tivoli to the villa of Adriana which was an absolutely gorgeous property! I highly recommend checking it out if you ever come to Rome!

His retreat spot... so beautiful

Beautiful ruins and architecture!

Well after two long days in the hot sun I am beat! Off to make some dinner, which will probably be the same thing as last night (mozzarella, cheese, toast, and salad). Then to relax for the evening/ catching up on everyone’s blogs! There has been a lot to take in this week!

Tomorrow I am headed to the market for some more produce (I’ve been eating it like its my job) and then out for some shopping as well as sight seeing!


What is your favorite thing about exploring a new city?