Study Days

They seem to go so fast…. well at least today’s study day did. I really got a lot accomplished which was GREAT, but my to-do list is still soooo long. I can’t wait until Friday and then it is Spring Break!!! I say that like I’ve got big plans, but really I’m just going home for a few days and then drafting two term papers. BUT spring break does mean that I don’t have to go to class which also means I get to cook delicious things, and workout all I want! Considering I spent my entire day here:

Nutrient Metabolism and Nutrition Aspects of Disease

I am so ready for these exams to be over!!!

I woke up early and got in a quick 5 miler since I knew I’d be sitting all day and once I got breakfast in I got to work. I studied for most of the afternoon and then the boy showed up and asked if I wanted him to bake me anything… well of course! (he was really thrilled to have his picture taken)

Don't mind the laundry hanging in the background..


I decided I wanted some cookies, so I set out to find a cookie recipe that we had all the ingredients for. I decided on yet another one of Christina’s recipes her Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip cookies are fantastic! No lie…. I’ve had about 5 this evening.





I also whipped up a super yummy dinner. I get soooo hungry when I study, I need brain fuel! I made a Nacho-like salad. There was some guacamole, salsa, and chips left from our taco dinner last weekend, that I decided need to be used up. I got my head thinking and came up with a delicious salad! First I started with a few tortilla chips that I baked in the oven with some shredded cheese. I topped the chips with some lettuce, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, guac, salsa, and 2 poached eggs.




Poached eggs on top of salad is delicious!



I decided to be artsy.



I think it worked.

Arizona dreaming spice blend by Penzey’s Spices is excellent, well all their spices are I cook with them all the time! 🙂



I offered to make the same thing for the boy but he decided on something a little more “manly”.


Nacho's with no beans chili



He wanted me to tell and show you that he did have a salad as well….




Well now that it is quickly approaching my bed time I am going to relax and watch a movie with the boy. Have you ever seen You Again? It’s looking pretty good so far! I hope you all have a great night!


Do you and your significant other eat drastically different meals at times?