Israeli Lovin

Israeli cous cous that is! I have never even tried it in all my 22 years. I think it is because I have never really liked regular cous cous so I figured Israeli cous cous wouldn’t be much different, but boy o boy was I wrong!

Now that I have your attention….. (did you like the title of this post?)

This morning it was snowing. Yes, really… more snow. Obviously there was no way of getting around that I had to walk to class in it so I started my day off with a warm cup of coffee and some greek yogurt mixed with Trader Joe’s cranberry apple butter, this stuff is goooooood in yogurt! And it was the end of the container, so I got to eat out of it which is always great when I don’t have to do dishes in the morning!

Lunch went undocumented, but consisted of some carrots and hummus, an orange, and a Kashi TLC bar. My wednesdays are jam packed so I munch when I can….. I had some peanut butter crackers and apple sauce as a snack that also went undocumented.

So basically I had been planning what I wanted to  make for dinner all day long, because quite frankly after 3 nights in a row of pasta with cream sauce I was feeling pretty horrible. –>The boy and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary at Olive Garden on Sunday and the portabella mushroom ravioli were calling my name. Unfortunately they had cream sauce on them which isn’t my favorite, but it was fine for one meal. However, I was left with leftovers, and being as I loved the ravioli I wasn’t going to let it go to waste.

So I knew I wanted something fresh and full of veggies this evening. I had originally planned to make this meal with quinoa, but was rooting through my pantry when I found the cous cous. It took less time to cook and I was hungry, so obviously I was going to settle for that.  Here is the break down:

Israeli cous cous mishmash (my random name for this awesome delight)

Kidney beans, kalamata olive, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, and parmesean cheese

1 box Israeli cous cous

1/4 cup Cherry tomatoes, quartered

1/4 cup Kalamata olives, halved

1/4 cup Kidney beans, rinsed

A splash of balsamic vinegar

1 tsp Italian herb mix (basil, oregano)


Following the directions on the box was my approach to the cous cous which included some olive oil in a sauce pan and sauteing the cous cous over medium heat until it was light brown

Then add 1 3/4 cup water slowly, then turn back heat to medium-low and let  simmer until all liquid is absorbed.

While I was waiting for the cous cous to be done cooking I sliced some cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and drained/washed a can of kidney beans.

When the cous cous was done cooking I added a splash of balsamic to the pan and stirred in the veggies

Mix it all together and ENJOY! I dusted the top with some grated Parmesan cheese and had a salad with almonds on the side. It was wayyyyy better than I ever imagined!

Off to do some homework, it is really starting to pile on…. I guess it is to be expected 3 weeks into the semester. I plan on finishing my night with a few delicious snacks ( I always need a bedtime snack) Tonight it’s some TJ chocolate cat cookies and pineapple!

Best dessert/snack ever!

This was cut up directly after this photo.... I think pineapples are so pretty!

I hope you all have a good Wednesday!

What new unexpectedly delicious food have you tried lately?