Cold Weather Running

SO last week was rather miserable on the running front…… 6 inches of snow and FREEZING!!!! Which is when I decided to write a post on cold weather running….

BUT today….. I ran in shorts….  I woke up to a drizzle and 48 degrees. Running in shorts in January in PA is unheard of, and I LOVED it!

Lets just say I have been a bit of a pansy when it comes to running in the cold this winter. That being said the tundra of last week broke me in.. I am now the crazy cold weather running girl!  Every year I stick it out through the winter in the freezing cold temps, unless its extremely icy or snowing, my routine runs are a go. I really don’t like the treadmill, it hurts my shins and aggravates my reoccurring hip problem (which I have yet to figure out the cause) boy it goes down hill once you hit 22 (joke!)….. The stationary bike is the only cardio I can do indoors for more than 10 min without hurting (not the good kind) for days after.

I acquired some good cold running winter attire,  and I’m ready to share it with you!!! So that when this strikes you are prepared!

Some people forgot to shovel their side walks and I ended up running up hill in knee deep snow.... NOT FUN!

Cold Weather Running Essentials

This is my new favorite thingtells you how to dress in any type of weather, courtesy of Runners World Magazine

1) A technical running base that wicks away sweat and keeps you warm. I am a die hard under armor fan, but Reebok and champion make some of these technical tops as well.

2) Depending on how cold it is say 20 degrees and below I will wear a middle layer regular t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt over top of the gear

3) Top layer….. if it’s windy whip out the wind braker baby! But more often than not I will wear a microfleece top much like the one below. Best $25 ever!!!

4) On the bottom I wear black yoga pants… I don’t care for the regular running tights, but ankles always get cold! Plus I can’t find any that fit me right.

5) To top it all off warm gloves and a hat or head band are absolutely necessary!

Black microfleece top

Fleece hat and under armor gloves

And you’re out the door…….

Some foodie pics from my new camera…. I’m finally learning how to use it!

Home-made Espresso

Tuna sandwich from a local cafe

Egg cooking for the boy's breakfast

YUMMY breakfast.... plain greek yogurt, pomegrante seeds, and butter toffee almonds

Low-fat coffee brownie ice cream with crushed pretzels and whipped cream.... a girl needs her dessert 🙂