About Me

Running, Food, Faith, and Family are all passions of mine. There is nothing more important than a well balanced, healthy lifestyle. Never in my life have I felt as good as I do now! A newlywed, and experiencing the “real world” after college things can be challenging at times, budgets tight, time limited, etc. But my passion for healthy eating and living didn’t stay in my nutrition courses in college, it came right along with me and that is why I blog. To help others who are just as busy realize that with a little planning, they can eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle too!

Why do I blog? In the recent years I have fallen in love with the kitchen, creating anything and everything. I have also regained a love for fitness and healthy living and love to share that passion with others!  I have a passion for helping others make healthier choices and realize that everyone can do it! This blog is a mish mash of recipes, running, and life.

Who am I? I am a twenty-something, recent college graduate, with a degree in nutrition and newlywed! I love to be active, and am always on the go doing anything from running, biking, cooking, baking, reading, hiking, etc. Let’s just say I don’t have just one hobby, I like to do a bunch of different things!

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies are two of my favorite foods…I have a HUGE sweet tooth……I love cinnamon…… I eat LOTS of fruits and veggies…… carrots and hummus is an amazing combination, blueberries are the best fruit around….. I love coffee, it can be a problem sometimes….

Fitness: I LOVE to run,  it’s my time to myself, to think, to unwind, to de-stress. Exercising makes me feel so much better inside and out! I have recently fallen in love with strength training as well.  I really just like to be active. Hiking, swimming, group fitness, anything that gets me moving.

Faith: God is a HUGE part of my life as well and he has blessed me with so much! He has taught me a lot through the years and has gotten me through some pretty tough times,  he is my rock, my everything.

I really couldn’t ask for more! I hope you enjoy reading about my little life in the kitchen and as I take on the real world!

Feel free to email me with any comments or questions at fitnessnfoodie [at] gmail [dot] com

** I am not an expert in nutrition or fitness. Anything posted on this blog is simply my opinion and what works for me. If you have a serious problem, please consult a professional**

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kara,

    Your mom passed your blog info along to me and I have to say it is great! I now have you book marked on my favorite’s page! Take care.

    Holly Kelly 🙂

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