What’s for dinner?

I’m starting a new section called “what’s for dinner”? This section will display the meals I make each night, since I don’t always post them on the blog and I must admit they’re pretty darn good.

If you ever want a recipe that you see on here, let me know! Fitnessnfoodie at gmail . com




April 9th:

April 8th: Goat cheese, spinach pizza and salad

April 6th: Protein Pasta with kale and beans



March 27th: Tex Mex Rice

March 11: Salmon, mac and cheese, steamed broccoli, and fruit salad.

March 10: Out to dinner with friends

March 9: Chicken BBQ sandwiches, Stir fried veggies, and sweet potato fries

March 8: Homemade pizza with shallots, radicchio, and Lemon Thyme chicken Sausage

March 7: Pasta with feta, olives, broccoli, white beans, and tuna

March 6: Grilled Shrimp, sauteed greens, grilled bread

March 5: out to eat with the fam

March 4: Alaska roll sushi, 1 piece of flatbread pizza, and salad

March 3: Home made pizza w/ broccoli and peppers

March 2: Chicken Mediterranean Lean Cuisine w/ the addition of a poached egg and toast.

March 1: Leftover vegetable lasagna



February 28th: Vegetable lasagna and fruit salad

February 27th: Salmon w/ basil, steamed broccoli and potatoes, fruit salad (oranges and strawberries)

February 26th: Nacho salad with poached eggs

February 25: Homemade pizza w/ broccoli and red bell pepper. (Trader Joe’s ciabatta crusts are amazing!!!)

February 24: Out to eat with my two favorite guys! (My dad and my boy!) We shared beer cheese fondue and I had a house salad with salmon. It was GREAT!

February 23: Leftover gnocchi (busy, busy night)

February 22: Taco baked potatoes. Baked potato w/ taco toppings! Guac, beans, salsa, the works!

February 21: Pink Vodka sauce w/ pasta, bread, and salad

February 20: Gnocchi with tomato sauce and sauteed veggies, fruit salad

February 19: Nacho Taco salad

February 18: Ordered pizza

February 17: Pesto encrusted salmon, cheesy potatoes, sauteed spinach

February 16: Honey dijon chicken, pasta with sauteed zucchini, onion, pepper, and oven baked bread with  olive oil and spices


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